In 1 on Januari 22, 2009 at 8:55 am

Mr. Obama, you the a dusky skin people.

 A Dusky Skin people  first becoming president of United States.

You foolish if you follow behavior [of] all your predecessor, whites which HATINYA HITAM always trouble a dusky skin area people and which on an equal.

 Foolish also if you let people of people of colour people always be viewed as [by] threat for citizen of you which the majority  have white husk.

 Rasialisme have been refused, your obligation respect anti rasialisme , attitude you concerning human being which believe in Islam, will become evidence that swarthy people you [of] YANG BERHATI PUTIH.

 Yours Faithfully



 08164572605/081322991274. www.QUTUL HAKIR.


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