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Drs. Kurniadi
8 August 2005

Year 90 – an, I have [done/conducted] small-scale suvey
I visit upon some drugstore, I have forgotten name of [his/its] drugstore, I look for drug KB of[is so-called jelly or foamy tablet.

result, [is] Nul of course, since two type medicinize That KB have been long enough [do] not circulate. Shop custodian generally offer Newest Pil KB or any kondom,atau [is] which good for preventing pregnancy, with other altertnatif bargain [is] type tissu.

When I ask most [his/its] wearer, shop custodian reply, if condom or pill, by that youngster assumed [by] have the under developed, what again be taken a fancy to now [is] type tissu [of] since very practical. I ask again people [of] any kind of which generally buy this type tissu, they reply that most young executive, student and student also a lot of which buy, he/she said.

What [is] I want to know by searching that intrauterine device [is]; how freedom sell and buy that intrauterine device, whether/what easy to unmarried youngster also get [it], and sia sia****** [is] involvement of the rising generation of that moment with premarital coitus.
From answer [of] all shop custodian, I get picture that that moment ; contraception earn bought [by] the whosoever, drugstore will sell contraception to who will pay [for], without censor [of] whether/what buying is [his/its] cutting have married or not yet, equally do not want to know whether/what for the purpose of lawful or impinging religion, and that moment [is] year 90-an, really have a lot of youngster [doing/conducting] coitus [of] outside marrying, peaceful that way, without fearing the pregnant risk.

That have been happened [by] tens of year ago, how now ? if seeing existing sikon, likely condition of that 90-an year non-stoped to expand. I needn’t again survey, by way of road;street wear motor [in] evening [of] and surely vacation night, have earned picture [of] how its[his] awful [is] moral decadence of youngster now be compared to [by] year 90-an, its[his] Easy get intrauterine device perhaps have share which strong enough to such social growth.
Bagimana with amenity get intrauterine device?, of course [do] not increase difficult, easier oppositely;also, along expand technological [it] and the drugstore increase a lot of, latter even there [is] technology watering down people get contraception, with existence of ATM Kondom, wrong except that have [in] one of district [in] Papua, Wrong except that also [in] NTB.
Yang [in] This NTB the time being be discontinued [by] [his/its] operation since getting protest from society

Why provided [by] ATM Condom ?. Attend Legal Procedure Tolk Show [in] Metro TV, Monday, 8 Clock August 5 evening, he/she said to facilitate for the man who sia sia****** [is] high [of] HIV/AIDS, easy to in order to get ” peacemaker”, till [do] not be catching easy to [at] others for example [his/its] wife etc. Also to give amenity to all men for ber KB, since during the time which ber KB only woman. That for example [his/its] reason. A Lot Of Incoming SMS, there [is] which agree, run of the mill, but quite a few which adverse opinion. Why adverse opinion, of course with logical reason and since long time also so, that fasiltas cannot sensor [which/such] one who will use [it] for the purpose of lawful and [which/such] for the things ill gotten, [which/such] one who the wife have and which [is] which are unmarried. Since [there] no that censor, [is] very easy [of] that contraception fall hand to menyalkahgunakannya, hence that amenity appliance will partake to push to increase [it] the moral decadence [of] [at] easy generation [of] nation which sia sia****** [is] this.

method Fiqh determine that درؤ المفاسد مقدم على جلب المصالح avoiding damage must be majored [by] than drawing benefit. ATM Kondom, if [his/its] location [is] imprecise hence, lessening infection AIDS beyond question not yet of course, but become opportunity increase [it] the youngster which [his/its] immorality beyond question there [is].
Islam suggest, To each and everyone reach adult, he/she ought to marry if (it) is true have able to defray domestic, since that matter get the whip hand of desire like to steal a sight of and guarantee looking after of genitals, from deed impinging religion and from contagious [of] venereal disease.

Preventive Berkenaan effort [of] pregnancy, from Islam view have to be evaluated from three side, side akidah, side of intention and technical side. From our side akidah have to assure that there is [his/its] [is] child [is] destiny from Allah, intention side, we ber KB only attempt manyusiawi to arrange birth in order to earn to give prima attention to child there [is], from technical side, whether/what way of contraception that [do] not impinge religion norm, such as permanent spaying, or [his/its] installation by other medical energy [of] type without darurat.08082005.


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