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Sering there [is] question, what will be pecarana which Islamy ?

 Saya always reply, that I not yet found in Islam reference [of] concerning terminology Pacaran, till I [do] not find sia sia****** [is] nologi pacaran which Islamy

 Pacaran [is] term of youngster of Indonesia which konotasinya oppose against Islam

 Except, about how to take choice to chosen couple candidate live, in Islam reference [of] there are term khitbah, what in Indonesian interpreted [by] Peminangan

 Dalam KHI Section 1 hurup a, Peminagan [is] activity strive toward the happening of [relation/link] perjodohan [of] [among/between] a man with a woman

 How with pacaran ?

 Hubungan [of] [among/between] man of man and woman braided in rangla of accomplishment of sexual ambition earn dikategorekan as


a. mind [relation/link] or equally be referred [as] [by] a love affair, and b. physical [relation/link]; meeting, looking into- view, having a chat, bersentukan, go with, mojok, berduaan, dishing something out, fornicating, pregnant, marry accident; that’s so-called pacaran.

 Existing Itulah reality about pacaran

 Kalau so existing reality, [which/such] possible there [is] pacaran which Islamy

 Upaya to take choice to be made [by] a couple live, so-called Khitbah , in order to that, a men diperbolehkan recognize [his/its] wife candidate by seeing face and second of [his/its] palm. If/When he interested, he may continue sia sia****** its[his], on the contrary the woman, if/when having the pleasure to he may accept that lamaran.

 Islam prohibit two different mankind [of] type which non muhrim, without nuptials tying, for berduaan, as does pacaran. Sebagaimana utter Rasulullah Saw.


Braiding love affair, in boundary braid spiritual [relation/link], for menjajaki of[is possibility of readying or [do] not to be applied for, in the way of which as according to boundary of boundary of Islam norm, that might be earn assumed from shares khitbah.



 Cara braid love which [do] not impinge Islam norm, trusted misalnya;Mengirim courier, perhaps woman of juga.Hubungan of correspondence, sms, Telephonic Berbicara, Chatting.

 Bertamu to the girl with attended sia sia****** its[his], of course appearance [of] the girl also have to according to norm, closing aurat.

 Kalau really be interested, there [is] insuffiency [is] perceivable,, distribute to [by] [of] ladder khitbah.

Except that be interested [by] caused by insuffiency, hence may not propagate that insuffiency to others, in order to [do] not hurt [his/its] feeling.

 Why seen enabled to be only face and palm, Face deputize [his/its] beauty, Palm deputize [his/its] body fertility.

 IF SEEN more than THAT ?

If the men see to see more than simply that, of course since the men pay no regard to boundarys which boleh,Juga [of] since the woman derestrict x’self for look see. In this case there [is] analyse soul health. There [is] one who have soul disparity of[is so-called eksibisionosme, that is one who get soul easiness by demonstrateing sia sia****** its[his].

 If/When the men see which kinds of, have earned to see which one, he wish again see other, further he wish to suffer which one, if/when earning which one he wish again suffer the other.

The woman, will show offcolour, he’ll draw fire man man to be persuaded to [do/conduct] which may not, if/when corner have by rayuan, one matter ****have come too far unintentionally** [is] dilalkukan, hence he’ll easy fallen to [at] deed which more than that. Sia Sia****** have [is] polite,

لأ يخلون رجل بامرأة الا ومعها ذوامحرم

Man man with woman may not mojog without attendance sia sia****** its[his].

 [There] no pacaran which Islamy, since term pacaran always sia sia****** with collision of Islam norm.

 In Islam [is] Khitbah, that is process to [go] to nuptials, what for that, men may get acquainted with woman which will be proposed marriage to, with remain to look after aurat and attended [by] muhrim.

Why so be limited [by] and stiff ? So the way of Islam look after woman supremacy. Glorious woman surely agree with this definition.

 Kumpilasi Hukum Islam, Section 12 express;

 Prohibited [By] Khitbah to woman which [is] [in] khitbah of others,

 Also be prohibited [by] me khitbah woman which [is] in iddah of divorce raj ‘ ie

 From where we start ?

Start from our x’self, and the family we

 Start from habit look after aurat, sia sia****** [is] good habit in assocciation usher oposite gender.

 Don’T give opportunity to syaithan to become our prompter [is] abysmal in order to religion norm


 Each and everyone surely have [done/conducted] mistake.

 What is best among them


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